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Vector Tornado Treble Hook

Vector Tornado Treble Hook

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Twisted  "Tornado" design glides threw the water better and has a better penetration percentage than average short shank and wide gap trebles.
  • High grade carbon steel with a secret alloy.
  • Chemically sharpened.
  • Heat treated for a longer lasting hook.
  • 6 Hooks per pack.
Our Tornado treble hooks have all the things that you're looking for in a replacement treble hook. Our hooks are chemically sharpened then honed which gives them the razor sharp tip that will penetrate easily and is designed to keep the fish pinned.  We then use our heat treatment process to make them extremely strong and flexible to keep the fish from coming free. This is the perfect replacement treble hook for guys wanting to use a short shank treble hook.  6 Hooks per pack

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