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About Us

For almost twenty years now, Fishing Complete Inc., parent company of Case Plastics, Zipper Worm Company and The O-Wacky® Tool, has worked hard to provide all of your fishing needs in one place and truly be “Fishing Complete”.

We offer two very distinct but equally high performing lines of soft plastic baits. Whether you are casting for the smallie along the riverbank or trolling the lake looking for the "big one", we have the bait for you. The Case Plastics and Zipper Worm Company product lines compliment each other by offering a wide array of color and bait selection to meet any fisherman’s needs. Whether you are wacky fishing, drop shotting or flipping, or like baits that sink or float, we have something guaranteed to lure in your money fish!

We are well recognized as the “Home of The O-Wacky® Tool” and no tackle box should be without it. This tool allows you to use the same bait over and over, saving you time and money.

We are proud to manufacture, package and sell from the USA! Headquartered in Plymouth Michigan, we carry over 50,000 bags of product, ready to ship. We use the finest quality plastic formula and the most attractive color selection to ensure your satisfaction and success.

We have built our reputation on our tournament winning products, outstanding customer service (which includes lightning fast order processing) and our customer satisfaction guarantee.

Happy fishing………..we guarantee it.

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