Case Big Hellgrammite 3.25" (5 pk)

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This is it, the most popular product at we sell more of these than all our other plastics.

These are also one of those live creatures that drive fish wild. Be warned the live hellgramite found

all over America has one bad bite.


PACK SIZE: 5 Per Pack

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  • 5

    Posted by matt on 3rd Apr 2018

    great soft plastic bait, highly recommend!!

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    Should have bought more

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Jul 2017

    Killer bait looks like real thing. Bought 2 packs for my weeklong fishing trip and the bass Destroyed them in 2 days. Will be in my tackle box from now on!

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    Bass love em!

    Posted by Tucker Johnston on 7th Apr 2017

    Small and largemouth absolutely love these little guys! It is not a bait limited to just rivers, where hellgramites are more commonly found either, they work terrific in lakes as well. A 1/0 octopus hook on a drop shot is a great finesse rig for when the fish are finicky!

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    Posted by Phil Stinson on 14th Jun 2016

    I found in the past few years that the fish are pretty smart in high pressured areas. They have seen and tasted most of the common baits. This is where the BIG HELLGRAMMITES come in to play, its a natural looking food and its not commonly used on most waters . I love to use these on the crystal clear waters of the St. Lawrence River, hooked to 6 pound Fluorocarbon and a zero twist drop shot hook….. this bait in fast to slow water has a great action that Smallies can't resist ,couple this with its uncany natural look have a dynomite combination to attract those monster Bronze backs. REMEMBER…BIG FISH, BIG CHECKS !!!!

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    Excellent lure

    Posted by John on 16th Sep 2015

    Just like everyone else is saying...these are deadly for river smallies. Use a small jig head (1/8 2/0 tungsten for me) or drift them under a bobber in current...they get smashed.

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    Posted by chad webb on 14th Aug 2014

    texas rigged with a 1/16th weight, its deadly in shoals for smallmouth. Great job making a great lure!

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    Smallmouth go to bait!

    Posted by Ronnie on 1st Aug 2014

    I've caught some big smallmouth on these, biggest being a 20" bruiser, drifting these over drop offs in riffles and shoals. 1/16 or 1/8 ounce bullet weight with a 1/0 worm hook. Best bait there is for smallies in faster water.

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    Smallie Killer!

    Posted by D. Douglas on 23rd Jun 2014

    I am so glad to have found a source for these online. They have proven to be a great bait for taking Kankakee River smallies, but not always available in local shops.

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    drop shot

    Posted by James Buck on 4th Jun 2014

    I put these on a drop shot rig and could not keep the red eye off them long enough to catch smallmouth.