Case Sinkin Salty Minnow

Case Sinkin Salty Minnow

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If you’re flat out looking to load the boat with your favorite game fish, then you better hit the water prepared with the Case ‘Sinking Salty Minnow’. Available at , in 14 colors, the 3 ¾” ‘Sinking Salty Minnow’ is a ‘must have’ when chasing Walleye or Bass. Designed to imitate baitfish, the ‘Sinking Salty Minnow’ can be fished shallow to deep, fast or slow. Rig the ‘Sinking Salty Minnow’ weightless, using a Case ‘Magic Hook’ wide gap worm hook, and fish the minnow over and through submerged cover using short twitches of the rod to simulate a dying baitfish. The 3 ¾” ‘Sinking Salty Minnow’ also pairs nicely fished on a Drop-shot or rig it using a Case Round Ball jig and hop it along the bottom when fish go deep. This bait is an excellent choice for vertical jigging Walleyes in current too! No matter how you rig it, you’re sure to catch fish!  PACK SIZE: 10 per pack COLORS AVAILABLE Black Blue Flake Blue Pearl Daiquiri Green Pumpkin Natural Orange Pearl Pearl Gold Pearl Green Gold Pearl Hologram Smoke Blue Purple Smoke Silver Watermelon Watermelon Red White Pearl  

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