Case Sinkin Salty Shad 5" (10 pk)

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Case Sinkin Salty Shad

Probably the most popular of the Case ‘Sinking Salty’ series, the 5” ‘Sinking Salty Shad’, at catches game fish from Spring through Fall! With its baitfish design and 16 colors to choose, this is the premier Shad imitator on the market. The addition of salt into the plastic allows the bait to fall in a slow, subtle manner and the added taste that salt brings will get fish to take the baiter deeper and hold on longer making for more solid hook-ups. Most often fished weightless rigged with a Case ‘Magic Hook’ wide gap worm hook, this bait also works well fished on a jig or even as a trailer for Chatter style baits of skirted jigs. Next time you’re on the water, try a Case 5” ‘Sinking Salty Shad’, I’m certain you won’t be disappointed!

 PACK SIZE: 10 per pack


  • Black Blue Flake
  • Black Neon
  • Blue Pearl
  • Bubble Gum
  • Daiquiri
  • Green Pumpkin
  • Michigan Shiner
  • Natural
  • Orange Pearl
  • Pearl Gold
  • Pearl Green Gold
  • Pearl Hologram
  • Smoke Silver
  • Watermelon
  • Watermelon Red
  • White Pearl
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  • 5
    out fishes all other similar baits 5 to 1

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Jun 2017

    As a professional fishing guide on the New, Gauley, and Greenbrier Rivers in West Virginia I'd have to say hands down the best fluke on the market. I've been using Case products for nearly 15 years out fishes other similar baits 5 to 1 what are you waiting for

  • 5
    Having a tough day on the water? The salty shad will turn it around.

    Posted by Gil with Greasy Creek Outfitters on 22nd Aug 2016

    I've been using Case plastics for years and from time to time have grabbed similar products off the shelf because they were right there and a little cheaper.

    In the end though, Case plastics tend to last a lot longer than their competitors because their formulation is much more durable and that, kids, will save you big time.

    I also carry a tube of superglue with me on the water so that as they start to get torn up from strike after strike, I can make them last even longer by repairing tears. Jut put a drop on the tear and drop the lure in water to instantly bond it.

    The salty shad is a go-to for me on the water. It will teach inexperienced clients just how to play it as the action is in top form from the time it hits the water to the time it's 3 feet from the tip of the rod. Slight jerks will send it spiraling and slashing through the water like a confused baitfish and draw the attention of everything nearby.

    Texas rig it with a bare or weighted hook and watch it go. I've had days where the smallies ignore everything and the salty shad wakes them up. It rarely snags, can be gently coaxed out of the trees when you accidentally go squirrel fishing and when you keep thinking you see a baitfish in the water until you realize it's the salty shad, you'll see why it works so well.

  • 5
    5 in sinking salty shads bass love um

    Posted by William beal on 27th Apr 2015

    My favorite way to catch a tournament limit. I've been able to secure a limit on many lakes across the USA fast . makes a great serch bait .it almost seems like the all around favorite for bass as well .

  • 5
    Trust Me...Don't Use These

    Posted by Coach Mike on 5th Jun 2014

    I shouldn't review the SSS so to keep them under the radar as much as possible. Simply the best fluke type offering I have ever used. I am never on the water without these. They can be rigged to fish the entire water column if you chose.

  • 5
    Best in the Market, for sure!

    Posted by Joe Minor on 9th Apr 2014

    It would be a real understatement that the Salty Shad is my favorite bait. I always have a Salty Shad in Pearl Hologram tied on. I fish these with a belly weighted hook, mostly for casting. I have been successful with no weight, shakey head, jig head, and drop shot. When I fish stained water, I'll have one rod with green pumpkin salty shad and one with white pearl hologram. I fish these buzzing on top, jerk jerk pause, swimming, and just dead sticking, all successful! Just let the fish tell you how they like it! This bait has put the most bass in my boat last year, hands down. Even had a very successful day on the River near me that most people struggle to get keepers, I had a nice limit of 2-3 lbers in just a couple of hour!! Love this bait

  • 5

    Posted by G. Cullen on 7th Apr 2014

    I can fish this bait all day and and catch fish on it all day!!Secret color"pearl hologram" don,t tell anybody.

  • 5
    My favorite

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Apr 2014

    I LOVE the Case Sinkin Salty Shad Weightless on a 4/0 EWG hook. That's what got me a 19" Texas largie!

  • 5
    Sinking Salty Shad is my favorite

    Posted by Matt Fischer on 3rd Apr 2014

    Salty shad weightless t rig, can't beat it