Case Buzzin Frog 4" (8 pk)

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Yellow Green Black

The Case Buzzin frog have those curly leg with natural flappin, only at .

Use with our wide gap 4/0 hook 


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    Posted by Tucker Johnston on 3rd Oct 2016

    I have found this to be one of my favorite top water baits I can throw! I use a 5/0 wide gap hook on 20 lb braided line. The frog sinks very very slowly giving you time to reel up slack after a cast or allowing you to pause it. This bait is key for me when fishing sparse grass or when a buzz bait is just to much for the bass. A perfect example would be when a buddy and me where fishing a small cove that had sub surface grass everywhere he was using a black buzz bait and I was using a black chartreuse buzzin frog, he only caught 1 small bass while I managed to pull in 4 nice ones. I encourage everyone who loves top water to give it a shot you won't be disappointed!

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    Great color!

    Posted by Chris Miller on 3rd Jul 2015

    Great color, came through the water and over grass really nice.

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    buzz froggin

    Posted by william beal on 7th May 2014

    The Case Plastics buzzin frog is a heart stopping plastic top water bait. I have found that by using the o- wacky tool to apply an o-ring ( preferably a red o-ring) to the front of the bait, the no 5 offset hook will stay in place up on the ledge of the hook keeping it from tearing or sliding down on the hook shank . I have fished the buzzin frog for many years now, and this bait is my go to buzzin frog . I like to throw it everywhere. Vary your retrieve so the bait stays afloat as well as allowing the legs to create the maximum amount of intended disturbance. Pay attention to the water, if you see a pad or weeds move nearby I will normally pause the bait in a clearing or at the edge of the cover, allowing the buzzin frog to slowly and naturally fall in the water column all the while watching my line, normally the bass will grab the frog and turn giving you the perfect opportunity to set the hook. The Case Plastics buzzin frog can also be used as a jig trailer for those times when the presentation requires a bulky look. I have also had great success with the buzzin frog as a trailer on my chatter baits. Give these techniques a try and don't forget to hang on tight to your rod! The buzzin frog is a monster bass bait!

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    Posted by John smith on 10th Apr 2014

    Great product!

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    Best Frog out there!

    Posted by Fishin' Gal on 12th Nov 2013

    This is the best frog I have found.