Case Big Mamma Worm 11" (10 pk)

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Case Big Mamma Worm 11" (10 pk)


LURE SIZE: 11 inch
PACK SIZE: 10 per pack

If your goal when you hit the water is to land the trophy of a lifetime, then you better go armed with the right bait. The Case ‘Big Momma’,at is a big bait designed with the sole intent of catching Big Bass! Checking in at 11” in length, and sporting a slender, serpent like body with a paddle tail which adds a swimming action as the bait moves through the water. Texas rig any one of the 9 colors available of the ‘Big Momma’ on a Wide Gap Cae Magic Hook and bullet weight, and fish it shallow or deep, using a hop or crawl action for best results. Great for Carolina rigging too!


  • Black
  • Black Blue Flake
  • Black Grape
  • Green Pumpkin
  • June Bug Red
  • Natural
  • Plum Apple
  • Red Shad
  • Watermelon