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Getting Wacky Out Deep

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Have you ever been on a deep ledge, offshore reef, or breakline, dropping straight down onto fish you can see on the graph, only to struggle getting them to bite?  If you are an avid tournament fisherman, or just go out fishing on heavily pressured waters, chances are you answered “yes”.  Even the savviest of tournament fisherman have those days when nothing seems to work.

Often, this is due to one of two problems; these pressured fish have grown wary of the same style of nose-hooked baits dropping in on top of them, or they are short-striking your worms.  Both of these issues can be solved with one simple adjustment: wacky rig your dropshot worm.  By making this one simple adjustment, you are giving these deep fish a different look and action that they are not used to seeing.  Plus, you also get the added benefit of having your hook in the middle of the bait, allowing you to pick off would-be short strikers!  To really take this adjustment over the top and show the fish an irresistible action, use a worm tapered at both ends, like the Wacky Jack.

The next time you find yourself in a situation where you are not catching every fish you see on your sonar, try this one simple adjustment- it could be the difference between finishing first, or finishing in the middle of the pack.

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